Treasures of Time Exhibition

Presented by

Leisure and Cultural Services Department
The Palace Museum


Hong Kong Science Museum

Organised by

Hong Kong Science Museum
The Palace Museum
Science Museum, London, part of the Science Museum Group

Solely sponsored by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Supporting Organisation

China Science and Technology Museum

7 December 2018 – 10 April 2019

Merging science, history and art, this exhibition presents an opportunity to appreciate exquisite timepieces and learn about the mechanisms of clocks from a scientific perspective and related technological achievements. Visitors also gain a better understanding of the significance of cultural exchanges and their historical meaning. On display are 120 magnificent clocks and watches from the collection of The Palace Museum, some of which were tributes from Europe, while others were manufactured by local craftsmen in the workshops and in Guangzhou. There are also sections illustrating the workshops of craftsmen in Europe during the 18th century, featuring displays of different kinds of tools and equipment collected by the Science Museum, London, part of the Science Museum Group.