National Arts: Twelve Beauties

National Arts: Twelve Beauties

Chiu Kwong-chiu, Ng Ching Man
Jiang Ying, Wang Guanliang
Beijing Forbidden City Publishing House
178 x 291mm
Chinese Culture


National ArtsTwelve Beauties does not tell the stories of the Twelve Beauties, but guides the readers to experience Emperor Yongzheng’s taste and the interior display of Yuanmingyuan, the Old Summer Palace. With a tone of simple elegance and the perspective of modern design, this book introduces a series of paintings on a set of folding screen in the Qing Palace, and interprets the flow of time in that flourishing age from the perspective of modern design.

In line with the "YongzhengCultural Relics from the Qing Emperor,"  a joint exhibition organized by the Palace Museum in Beijing and the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, the Workshop published the "Yongzheng Beauties Calendar" and authored the book National Arts; Twelve Beauties as an effort to promote and popularise the National Museums’ collections to the public. The book received "the Most Beautiful Publication Award in China" and represented China to compete for the "the Most Beautiful Publication Award in the World".

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