Forbidden City 100 (Thai edition)

Forbidden City 100 (Thai edition)

Chiu Kwong-chiu
(Thai Translation: Matichon Public Co Ltd)
Joint Publishing (HK) Ltd.
Chinese Culture
Division of Cultural Research and Development of the Forbidden City


Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Palace Museum, Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Ltd has published the Traditional Chinese edition of "Forbidden City 100" in January 2016.

This book embodies the long term effort by Mr. Chiu Kwong Chiu and his teammates from Design and Cultural Studies Workshop in collaboration with Division of Cultural Research and Development of the Forbidden City.  It is rich in content and provides new angles for you to read every corner in the Palace and is considered more comprehensive and fruitful when compared to   the publication of "The Grand Forbidden City: The Imperial Axis”released in 2005. Taking a humanistic approach, this book explore the Forbidden City in the eyes of people living in the palace and reveals the authentic life of the royal family.  As an encyclopedia of the Forbidden City, it is filled with stories that you may or may not be familiar with.

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