Bravo Objects.It’s a Long Lóng Story

Bravo Objects.It’s a Long Lóng Story

Design and Cultural Studies Workshop
Thing-ing Laboratory
Joint Publishing (HK) Ltd.
178 x 244 x 40mm
Bravo Objects
Research Partner:
Chinese Culture Research Center, China Academy of Art


This fourth volume in our Bravo Object series features all the charming illustrations, inspirational messages and much more that make our Chinese culture publications a fun and educational read. Themed around the Chinese dragon (lóng), It’s a Long Lóng Story is divided into chapters devoted to the dragon and its long legacy, its sons and descendants and the phoenix (the other half of the legendary duo that epitomise a perfect marriage).  Written in lively and engaging language, it tells the story of the Chinese dragon as a powerful bearer of rich, symbolic significance in Chinese culture and Chinese people as a race.

Bilingual in Simplified Chinese and English, the book is recommended to readers both at home and abroad who share an interest in and appreciation of in Chinese culture; it also makes for an excellent supplementary material for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Dotted around the pages are scannable QR codes for free access to online animations and songs.

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