The Workshop participates in "The 2nd China Design Exhibition"

Exploring the theme of “Design and Social Responsibility,” the 2nd China Design Exhibition (CDE) was officially opened on January 9 at the Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen. Three different cultural projects initiated by the Workshop have been selected in the category of “Cross-border design integration”, including the "Bravo Objects" story series, the "Forbidden City 100" publication and the collector's edition of "National Arts: Twelve Beauties". In addition, a series of promotional short films created for "Live China” channel have also been highlighted. The Workshop’s exhibition theme for the great event is "Research in exporting Chinese Culture", emphasizing the social responsibility of Design. By sharing various cases, the Workshop has stated its attempt in "Rejuvenation", "Transformation", “Expedition" and exporting Chinese culture on the international platform in a more effective way.