“Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court” multimedia progra

Presented by

Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Palace Museum


Hong Kong Science Museum

Organized by

Hong Kong Science Museum
Palace Museum

Sponsored by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust


Design and Cultural Studies Workshop

26 June 2015 – 23 September 2015

Jointly organized by the Palace Museum and the Hong Kong Science Museum, “Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court” is a large-scale exhibition that combines science and history. About 120 exhibits were selected from the Western science and technology collection of the Palace Museum. Invited to be the Research Institute, the Workshop has researched and designed a series of multimedia presentation and interactive exhibits while organizing educational workshop for the public.

Meanwhile, the Workshop has organized "Here Comes the Western Scientific Instruments" Outreach Interactive Drama Workshop. Being both informational and enchanting, the Drama Workshop not only allows participants to learn technical knowledge about Western Instruments through interactive games, but they also get to know the story of “Calendar Controversy” through a drama performance. Participants can fully appreciate Chinese people’s fascination with Western Science and its exotic scientific instruments in the past.